Managed IT Services

Information Technology companies move their business processes to remote Managed IT Services. However, not every company succeeds in switching from break-fix services to a “Managed Service Provider”. MyIT offers state-of-the-art Managed IT Services in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, leading your business to a new level of performance.

Our Managed IT Services standardize all business operations and provide ongoing IT support for company`s computer network, security, and data backup. This approach helps you save time and money by providing a monthly fixed rate for all your services.

How Does Managed IT Services from MyIT Benefit You?

Local businesses can tap into numerous benefits having their technical services managed by highly trained systems professionals for a fixed monthly fee. Still, there is an important issue to consider – whether to apply Managed Services or hire internal IT person. At MyIT, we assure you with expertise in networking, wireless technologies, security, data backup, operating systems, etc. This makes us stand out from a single in-house technician, whose experience is usually difficult to evaluate.

Then services at MyIT are often more cost-effective compared to a single IT professional. We provide you with an entire team of specialists, working 24/7 to ensure your business operations are smooth, with no delays or breakdowns. In case of a failure, our team is much faster to respond than a single IT person.

MyIT’s Managed IT Services Is Different

MyIT goes one step further than many of the Managed IT Services companies in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  As we don`t collaborate with any hardware/software business, we don`t make you update your computer with the latest IT solutions of a particular brand. Our team of specialists is ready to customize your IT environment to your specific needs. We fit into your box; we don’t force you to fit into ours.

We act as true “trusted IT advisor.” Our high-skilled team will assist your company in managing IT transformation. With a well-developed strategy, we will analyze your requirements, offer the best solutions available and suitable for your business, compare prices and accomplish the transaction. You don’t have to buy through us and pay our markup, we offer you a much better deal.

What Do You Get When You Hire MyIT as Your Managed IT Services Company?

Besides the many years of experience and expertise in providing Managed IT Services, MyIT will ensure your system is operational and optimized to the latest updates and patches.

We provide an ongoing support, so that if any issue arises, out team will address it as quickly as possible. This prevents companies from costly downtime and system breakdowns.

With a trusted IT advisor in place, you will go through digital transformation and significantly increase software efficiency. Our team will meet all your needs and minimize risks of potential pitfalls that can slow down your business operations. 

MyIT and Your Organization Work Together

Even though we function as an outsourced IT department for your company, we consider our team to be a part of your company targeting the same goal - your business’s success.

Hire MyIT as Your Managed IT Services Company

Don`t hesitate to call us if your IT infrastructure is obsolete. Book a consultation with a MyIT Managed IT Services team member and learn how you can benefit from our Managed IT programs. Use the form on the right-hand side of this page to book a call with our team, and let’s get started.