Cloud Services

“The Cloud” is nothing new. Cloud services, cloud computing, and cloud technologies have been around for many years, but, it is just recently that the term has popped up on the radar of many businesses in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

What Is MyIT’s Role with the Cloud?
MyIT’s approach to technology services is pretty simple. We are your outsourced IT department, we are not a technology reseller, and we don’t have any strategic vendor relationships where we profit from the resale of services to you. This allows MyIT to truly work in your best interest. Sure, we have companies that we have more experience with and know the ins and outs of their solutions, but it has to make sense for our clients.
MyIT will work alongside you to help you determine what we can move the cloud, what type of Internet service you need to make a move to the cloud happen, and what is the best way to get everything connected.
As your strategic technology advisor, we will make sure you have the right cloud technology to make sure your business doesn’t miss a step.

Why Is the Cloud an Important Consideration?

Cloud technologies have simplified and even brought down the costs of business when it comes to Information Technology. Just a few short years ago, companies would have to pay at least $500 for a one-time license of Microsoft Office. Today, businesses can get Microsoft Office 2016 as part of the Microsoft Office 365 cloud solution for a low monthly fee and continue to get updates and upgrades as long as their monthly subscription remains valid – essentially saying goodbye to buying new software every few years.

The Cloud Brings Enterprise Technology to Small Business

Just like in the Microsoft Office example, cloud solutions enable businesses to obtain technology that was once only available to large corporations. Businesses today can subscribe to multiple services unique to their industry or profession without having to have complex IT systems set up, endless arrays of servers, and an entire team of technicians standing by to fix these services when they break down.

Cloud-Enhanced Communications and Collaboration

Today’s companies can now use cloud solutions for email, phone, and even file sharing solutions to easily communicate within their organizations, with clients, and even with their partners. Microsoft Office 365 provides an entire suite of communication solutions such as Hosted Exchange, Skype For Business, and Microsoft OneDrive, allowing a company to get everything they need from a single source.

However, you are not tied to Microsoft. MyIT is a vendor-neutral organization, meaning, we can work with whatever cloud technologies make sense to your business. Besides Microsoft, there is Google’s G Suite technologies, a wide range of hosted telephony solutions, and an even longer list of online file sharing services from Cisco, Citrix, Dropbox, Box, and many more.

The Cloud Gets Bigger

The cloud also allows a company to move everything they used to at one time have on-premise to their own cloud solution in their own data center, a cloud provider (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc.), or any solution that makes sense to them.

For many companies, there is no requirement today to have any servers or technologies in their office besides computers, laptops, a printer, and maybe even a telephone. The cloud enables businesses to expand their networks and keep IT costs under control.

Ready to Move to “The Cloud”?

Before you get started, book a complimentary consultation with the MyIT Cloud Team to discuss your goals, wants, and needs, and we can help you develop a strategy to move forward with.