IT Compliance

A breach of IT Compliance can be a problem not only for big companies but also for small businesses, legal requirements and health industries. If a company follows IT Compliance rules, it will never face a problem with fines and damage costs. Moreover, due to data loss, a company might loss its brand and image. As the result, fewer customers will be interested in working with such a business that leads to shortcoming. IT Сompliance ensures that IT operates properly, which enhances reliability and provides cyber security. It helps company appear and stay strong on the business market.

IT Compliance and IT Security are related but separate activities.

Do You See the Difference?

Security is a constant effort due to the need to protect the assets of your business. When it comes to security, we often mean protecting the company and valuable documents.

IT Compliance is completely another thing. To be in demand in the market and discharge any contract, you need to comply with the rules set by your client. Businesses need to demonstrate IT Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. Then they will be able to increase revenues, get more satisfied secure clients and complete successful projects. Depending on the market sector, you have to follow specific laws and standards set by the government. Unlike security, IT Compliance in theory has an endpoint.

Why Do You Need Us?

MyIT helps your business achieve and maintain the required level of IT Compliance with the requirements of the modern labor market and security technologies. We provide the following services with 100% quality guarantee:
  • Audit Support
  • ULA certification Maintenance
  • Migration Justification
  • Technical Support Optimization

We will work closely with you and your staff to understand areas in which IT Compliance is required. Our research of existing IT systems will allow you to concentrate on promoting your business.

Why We Are Interested in It?

At MyIT, we understand the importance of achieving and promoting IT compliance in the modern updated business market. With our help you can be sure that your business fulfills its obligations in the most cost-effective way with no loss of time.

Our Guarantee

We are confident in our ability to deliver best IT practices that we guarantee that your business will work better, or we will give your money back. With extensive experience working with IT and thousands of satisfied customers around the world, we know the best techniques to support business functionality.

Still not sure? Here are the main aspects we provide you with:
  • Expertise (We know the features of localization of vendor policies in modern market throughout the USA)
  • Independence (We fully defend the position of our customer, without fear of influence from the other side)
  • Tools (We use the best proven assessment methodologies and scripts, as well as IT analysis tools)
  • Saving (We will not offer risky or obviously more expensive solutions)