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Where Can Your Business Turn For Trustworthy IT Services?

Small Businesses are the heart of the Nation’s economy. MyIT appreciates the hard work and long hours many of our small business owner peers put in day after day to keep their companies running, their employees happy, and their customers thrilled.
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One area that MyIT helps small businesses with is Information Technology. Many leading small business owners will tell you that IT is crucial to their overall success, so why trust this major success factor to just any IT company? Your small business needs IT services and solutions from a company who understands just how important proper IT strategy and day-to-day support actually is. 

Protecting Your Business from Crippling Downtime
  • Downtime costs businesses heavily in revenue, productivity, and reputation.
  • Ransomware attacks are on the rise, locking data and systems with the demand for payment.
  • Traditional backup solutions can be vulnerable and recovery can be painfully slow (Days, Weeks, Months).
Rapid Recovery and Ransomware Resilience with MyIT Solution
  • Bare-metal recovery solution: Protects entire systems, not just data.
  • Local appliance for lightning-fast restores.
  • Immutable backups to safeguard against ransomware encryption.
  • Instant virtualization to keep business running during crisis.
Hours vs. Days: Slashing Recovery Time from Hardware Failure
  • Image-based backups allow complete system restoration in as little as 1-2 hours with MyIT Solution.
  • Local appliance means no waiting for cloud downloads or shipping new hardware.
  • Instant virtualization on the appliance for immediate temporary servers.
Defeat Ransomware - Recover Quickly, Minimize Damage
  • Immutable backups ensure recovery points that ransomware can't touch.
  • Rapid restore from recent backups limits data loss even if an attack succeeds.
  • Virtualization keeps mission-critical services online during recovery.
The MyIT Solution Advantage
  • Comprehensive system-level protection through MyIT Disaster Recovery Solution
  • Lightning-fast recovery, slashing Business downtime
  • Ransomware resilience with secure backups
  • Ensured business continuity through virtualization
  • Easy-to-manage solution

Your Small Business Needs MyIT.

MyIT is a small business ourselves. We know exactly what it’s like to work long hours, deal with day-to-day business challenges, and maintain a healthy balance. We understand your challenges because we’ve been there. But finally, you can remove technology from your list of concerns. 

Most small business owners have a worry list that is a mile long. MyIT can remove Information Technology from your list and allow you to focus on other priorities in your company. You will have a team of Information Technology experts at your disposal, all committed to helping your business achieve its goals. 

Unlike many other IT companies in Utah or Idaho, we are not all about locking you in on a long-term contract or making you buy some piece of equipment you don’t need. We act as your “IT Manager, ” and our team is your “IT Department.” We’ll work with you to find the best price on computer equipment, security solutions, and networking devices, and even work with you to get a great website that attracts new customers to your business. 

MyIT Is Your Trusted IT Department.
MyIT will ensure that all your Information Systems are 100% functional, your staff are efficient, and your network is safe and secure from cyber threats. We’ll ensure all your information is backed up properly, and if and when a disaster occurs, ensure your business operations just continue to operate. 

MyIT will work with you, the small business professional, to ensure that you have the best pricing for all the hardware and software you require. We’ll source out competing bids from organizations like Dell, CDW, and others and then sit down with you to make sure you are getting the right solution to meet your needs… not the best deal where we can maximize our own profitability. 

MyIT Is All About Our Clients

Our small business clients are crucial to our own success. Read our Google reviews to learn how we help many other small businesses in Utah and Idaho, and even some across the country with their day to day IT service and computer support.

Now, we want to help you. 

MyIT works with a wide range of small businesses. However, we have specializations in Accounting Firms, Automobile Dealerships, and Professional Service organizations. That being said, if you are running a Nonprofit, church, doctor’s office, machine shop, flower shop, or any other type of small business, we will not turn you away. MyIT’s open door policy of taking care of local companies is what sets us apart. 

Ready to partner with a top IT services company?

Let’s get started. We welcome you to give us a call and learn more about our solutions and how MyIT helps small businesses with their day-to-day IT services and support, but also their strategic IT planning, cybersecurity services, data backup and data recovery. 

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