Onsite Support

We Simplify and Streamline Your Work Due to Constant Onsite Support

Helpdesk Support

We Are with You throughout the Work to Resolve Your Technology Issues Quickly

Antivirus Solutions

We Use Advanced Technologies to Ensure Your Networking Safety and Reduce Virus Threat

Cloud Server Hosting

We Adjust Cloud Environment and Assure the Continuity of Your Work

Network Protection

We Are Always Ready to Manage Your Company Network to Improve Your Business through Corporate Networking

Backup Monitoring

We Manage All Your Technology So You Can Focus on Your Business

Server Migration

We Design Protection Plan for You to Check Functionality of Work and Accuracy of All Step-by-Step Migration Processes

Disaster Recovery

We Have Wide Expertize in Detecting and Preventing Malicious Code Applying Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Infrastructure


We Make Your Brand Consistent and Customized upon Your Request

Online Marketing

We Offer You the Opportunity to Establish High-Grade Communication with Your Customers via Website Hosting Package

Responsive Website Design

We Assure You with Well-Designed Website to Reach a Wider Audience

Mobile Apps Development

We Help You Save Your Time and Money by Providing Business Applications Without Associated Cost and Technical Challenges

Operations Software Development

We Uphold Constant Software Progress of Your Business in the Most Suitable Way

Project Management

We Provide Online Management to Promote Your Products and Services with Best Perspectives


MyIT was founded by John Chao to serve businesses in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, help solve IT issues and risks associated with information technology. John Chao and MyIT team understand that to satisfy connected customers and provide high quality services, businesses need an efficient and smoothly operating IT system.

MyIT’s Managed Services allow you to offload IT responsibilities.  We assume ongoing responsibility for monitoring, managing, and problem solving for the IT systems within your practice under a service-level agreement. Compared to Break-Fix Services, Managed Services offer a proactive approach and can help prevent IT problems from occurring and disrupting your day-to-day operations.

In the long run, Managed Services are more cost-effective than paying on demand. Not only do Break-Fix Services require payment for the materials and repair time, but think of the cost of equipment downtime, especially when it comes to critical office components, like your phone system. With Managed Services, issues can be resolved before they escalate. Well-maintained technology runs better than technology that’s only serviced when it fails. With a proactive approach, you can focus on your business, and let us focus on your technology. With MyIT’s Managed Services, you’ll handle the business, and we’ll handle the technology.

Featured Business Solutions and Services

Our Experienced Team Offers the State-of-the-Art Solutions and Services

We have a wide range of solutions and services focused on current market needs and client`s requirements. MyIT offer years of high-tech experience & business savvy!


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    Cloud Computing

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      IT Security

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        Disaster Recovery

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          Windows 7 EOS Migration

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              IT Services

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                  One Stop Technology Support

                  We Manage All Your Technology so You Can Focus on Business

                  From consultation and web design, to HIPAA compliance consulting, to operating software and hardware, MyIT offers everything a modern business needs.


                  • ▶ Project Management of      New Office Buildouts, Office      Moves, Server Migrations,      and Office Refreshes
                  • ▶ HIPAA Consulting
                  • ▶ ISP Guidance
                  • ▶ Low-Voltage Structured      Cabling
                  • ▶ Dental Office Design and      Engineering
                  • ▶ Integrations
                  • ▶ Security Training
                  • ▶ HIPAA Compliance Policies      and Procedures
                  • ▶ HIPAA Risk Assessment,      Management, and      Mitigation
                  • ▶ HIPAA Attestation
                  • ▶ HIPAA Training
                  • ▶ Dedicated HIPAA      Compliance Team

                  Hardware Products

                  • ▶ Servers
                  • ▶ Computers
                  • ▶ Phones
                  • ▶ Audio
                  • ▶ Video
                  • ▶ Peripherals
                  • ▶ Printers
                  • ▶ Firewalls and Network      Equipment
                  • ▶ Secure Wireless      Networking
                  • ▶ TVs and Patient      Entertainment Systems
                  • ▶ Surveillance Cameras
                  • ▶ Encrypted Hard Disks
                  • ▶ HIPAA Compliant Email


                  • ▶ Security
                  • ▶ Microsoft Office 365
                  • ▶ Server and Workstation      Monitoring
                  • ▶ Onsite Support
                  • ▶ Backups
                  • ▶ Remote Helpdesk Support
                  • ▶ Disaster Recovery
                  • ▶ PCI Compliant Solutions
                  • ▶ 24/7 Emergency Coverage
                  • ▶ Employee Training on New      Equipment
                  • ▶ Virtualization Services
                  • ▶ Test Restores
                  • ▶ Web Hosting With AWS
                  • ▶ Antivirus, Antispam, and      Antimalware Solutions
                  • ▶ Firewall Management


                  • ▶ Web Filtering
                  • ▶ Remote Updates
                  • ▶ Email Security
                  • ▶ PCI Compliance Audits
                  • ▶ Server and Email Encryption
                  • ▶ Vulnerability Identification
                  • ▶ Practice Management      Upgrades
                  • ▶ Dental Software and      Practice Management      Migrations
                  • ▶ Call Center Implementation
                  • ▶ Managed Microsoft      Updates
                  • ▶ Penetration Testing
                  • ▶ Mobile Device Management
                  • ▶ Cloud Server Hosting
                  • ▶ Cloud Desktop Experience
                  • ▶ Secure Branch/VPN

                  About Us


                  Business Computer Services

                  Your Complete Computer & Networking Resource for Businesses
                  MyIT provides professional IT services to businesses. We are your single point of contact to solve all your technical problems and needs. We have over 15 years of hardware, software, Internet, and business application experience. Call us to see how we can help you save 30% to 300% off your telecom costs. Call today for a free assessment.

                  We do more than just PC repairs. We help you analyze costs, protect your information and understand technology. We offer a clear strategy for maximizing your dollar. We'll show you how to avoid getting run over on the technology highway.

                  Expert Staff

                  You'll Be Confident Working with Our Expert Staff - Don't Settle for Big Chain Store Service
                  The proper knowledge, tools and experience are essential to great service.  Our staff have over 15 years of in-depth technology know-how.  At MyIT it's our goal to provide the best service at a fair price for businesses and entrepreneurs of all size.


                  Affordable Prices

                  Affordable Prices for Business
                  Our secret to keeping costs down is simple - keep it simple, and do it right.  The depth of industry experience we have to offer means efficiency & know-how you won't find at chain stores. We complement our personalized face-to-face onsite service with remote servicing capabilities. Our secured Private Service Network infrastructure gives us the ability to provide fast response to resolve problems in your business.


                  Privacy of Your Data

                  Worried that the Privacy of Your Data and Sensitive Information is Being Compromised?
                  MyIT Service is the solution to your computer frustrations and privacy worries. Our trusted expertise and proactive service plans gives our customer peace of mind. Don't wait until your privacy has been compromised, get proactive service with MyIT computer care plan.

                  At MyIT we understand the importance of maintaining the privacy of our clients' data. MyIT service personnel will not use their permissions or privileges to invade the data privacy of our clients. However, in the normal course of their duties, it is possible that some information of a personal or sensitive nature may be accidentally viewed through casual contact. We will make every effort to handle the information in a professional and confidential manner.

                  MyIT service personnel will not search out unlicensed software. If it is discovered by chance, it is our professional obligation to inform our clients. No additional action will be taken. Our experienced staff will ensure that under no circumstance will your personal information or data be tampered with or compromised.



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