MyIT is one of the best cybersecurity companies in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Being your trusted IT advisor, we will design a sound strategy to mitigate risks of cybercriminals, malware attacks, hackers, viruses, and other malicious activities. Cybersecurity solutions include not only a firewall and antivirus. Ransomware protection aims to raise your company culture and cybersecurity awareness among your stuff.

Embrace MyIT Cybersecurity Solution
At MyIT, we ensure that your company is protected with the latest cybersecurity solutions. Being an independent advisor, we don`t resell products or services of a particular brand. Our objective is to offer the state-of-the-art cybersecurity services for your business needs. This approach allows us to make sure that you get the latest technologies available on the market.

Don`t expose your company to cyber-attacks. Contact MyIT to order the best cybersecurity services for your business. MyIT is here to protect your company from online threats and straighten your cyber defenses.

Raising Employee Awareness

At MyIT, we believe that security starts with your team members. We engage your entire staff in cyber education training to mitigate cyber threats and provide safer working environment. After our training, your team will be aware of the most common threats associated with:
  • information security (vishing, phishing, etc)
  • email spoofing
  • ransomware detection and prevention
  • security best practices
Invest in cyber education now until you lose valuable data, money and your reputation.

Boosting Network Security

Out team of experts will help you set up the right firewall service, wireless network and endpoint protection, and web security solutions to keep your entire network safe from all malicious activities.

Most businesses are now turning to wireless networks. At MyIT, we constantly monitor your network to reveal vulnerabilities and make sure that your company’s guest WIFI network is set up properly. We also keep your network isolated from your main company network and ensure only authorized users have access to your company data.

MyIT is experienced in working with businesses of any size setting up and supporting complex wireless networks.

Keeping Network Perimeter Safe

MyIT is specialized on protecting the perimeter of a company’s network. We trust only top firewall and network cybersecurity organizations. Our team of experts will ensure your perimeter is secured with best anti-malware and antivirus solutions, deep packet inspection firewalls as well as zero-day attack protection and prevention. MyIT will double-check your perimeter safety to mitigate the attacks of network ethical hackers and penetration testers.

Protecting Critical Data

Companies constantly face threats to their business continuity systems and valuable data. At MyIT, we will set up secure data storage and proper data backup solutions to mitigate risks of data loss.

Our team of specialists will manage access control to enhance overall security level and make sure that you have proper authentication mechanisms in place. MyIT will also match data protection solutions with the latest compliance and regulatory requirements.

Business data must be protected boservicesth at rest and in motion. Whenever you exchange documents, images and information with clients or partners, MyIT will protect your data, using secure encrypted email and file sharing. 

Enhancing Email Security

MyIT recommends all businesses to be aware of email-borne threats, which can break into your system through a simple email. Therefore, it is critical to initiate staff education and put the best email security solutions in place to scan every email entering your network. This protects your company from spam email and also possible threats coming via email.

Mitigating Web Security Risks

Businesses are often a prime target for sophisticated hackers. At MyIT, we offer strong web security best practices to protect websites and web properties from hacker attacks, malware and viruses. Our team will also provide you with web scanning techniques to verify all web services your staff. We will constantly monitor your web traffic to give access only to trustful sources.