Help Desk Support

Help Desk Support is an information system for technical support, solving user problems with computers, hardware and software. This important IT component allows you to identify problem areas of the infrastructure and evaluate the effectiveness of the IT department.

All businesses today have a complex IT infrastructure, the continuous operation of all the elements of which is a prerequisite for the organization to perform its basic functions. Maintaining this infrastructure in operational condition is one of the core functions of an enterprise IT service. Help Desk systems will enable IT services to ensure the quality of this function. Call MyIT Support to quickly resolve a technology issue.

IT Specialists Are Constantly in Touch with You

To help you quickly and efficiently solve your IT problems, MyIT offers unlimited 24/7 Live Help Desk support as a core component of our managed service plans. Our quick resolution team immediately fixes urgent issues and we are available via chat or phone. We provide a wide range of logical services to improve your productivity. At MyIT we have a consistent system of actions designed to respond quickly and efficiently:
  • reporting and resolving IT incidents
  • managing status tracking applications
  • improving notification system
  • applying wide knowledge base
  • using admin panel
  • providing module maintenance

Remote and Local Support

IT professionals are vital for your business as they support the technology that organizations rely on to keep their IT system up to date and uptime.

With our expert tech support, we can quickly identify and fix the problem by accurately monitoring your software. We have an extensive team of professionals that is always ready to provide you help desk support. Remote specialists manage IT technology by telephone, online and on-site. Internal specialists support only internal employees.

The Most Experienced Consultants for You

We work in the field of IT support for more than 5 years and have a large list of satisfied customers with a non-emergency infrastructure. Our experts are highly qualified and have experience over 15 years. Our aim is to perfect the prudence of your employees, their productivity, increase the amount of daily profit and decrease the problems with viruses and troubleshoot IT issues.